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We want you to get to know us better. We will be featuring a member; their history in the industry and their view of the future.

In this issue we will be interviewing Rich Murr of A-1 Auto and Truck Recycling in Penrose, CO.

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Q: How did you become involved in the recycling industry?

It was 1987 and I was a general contractor, construction came to a stop so it was either move or change occupations. I had an opportunity to be a partner in A-1 Auto recyclers in Colorado Springs which I ran until 2000 when we sold that business. I found that I truly enjoy this industry especially the interaction with my customers and the feeling that you helping them solve a problem.

What service does the auto recycling industry provide to the community?

We are a valuable industry in the conscientious and responsible disposal of wrecked and unwanted vehicles. Allowing affordable parts alternatives to our customers. I am finding ever increasingly that the manufacturers are not supporting their cars with parts. Parts on many 10 year old vehicles far obsolete with the consumer only alternative being used.

What do you see in the future for recycling?

That’s a good question. This industry is constantly changes, an item that is big business today we can’t give away tomorrow, but we as an industry are survivors and as we lose a piece of the market we find another to replace it. I believe electronics in general are a category that we need to take seriously and keep abreast of obsolete parts so that we know their real value. We all learn everyday of items that are in demand and worth more than we realized. It would be great if we as an industry could share that information. (The news hotline maybe?

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