Letter from the President

Members of CAR,

We find ourselves in a new year with new challenges and exciting opportunities.  Our association has changed and evolved over the years and the board of directors is always working to keep up with the industry.  Change is inevitable in our businesses and within our association, but what hasn’t changed is the need for a strong state association that is tirelessly looking out for the best interest of automotive recyclers in the state of Colorado.  Without the presence of a state association like CAR, legislators and regulatory agencies can have a negative impact on our operations.  Most of these entities wouldn’t even think about our interest without our presence in the state legislator.

CAR is also a bond between our businesses that creates opportunities for networking and increasing trade between each other.  Exchanging information, trading ideas, and building relationships with other like-minded business people doesn’t carry a price tag.  The amount of knowledge that exists within our association and is available to members is immense.  As we move through 2016, CAR is very excited to introduce a Chat Hotline that will connect members across the state, create trade opportunities, and replace the radio hotline (CPLS).  Programs like these can have a direct impact on automotive recyclers revenues if they’re taken advantage of.

Members that participate in meetings and events have no doubt gained information that can be applied directly to improving their operations.  Over the last 3 years we’ve provided nationally renowned speakers Jim Counts, Rob Rainwater, and Robert Counts at no cost to our members.  This year we also welcomed Rian Garner from American Auto Salvage in Texas, who has grown an already large, efficient yard nearly 40% year over year.  Those in attendance learned how to push growth and many of the details on how to manage growth in our businesses.  CAR is also putting together networking events to bring members together in social situations where the real information exchange happens.  We’re happy to once again bring members together for a Rockies game this year with a social hour preceding the event.  Attending events and gaining the knowledge that CAR is making available will be invaluable to progressive yard owners as we go forward.

As you plan your year and create expectations for improving your business, building business relationships, and taking advantage of your opportunities, keep CAR in mind.  Make this the year that you re-engage with the state association.  Make this the year that you reap all the benefits the association has to offer.  Make this the year that you attend CAR events and participate for the benefit of your business and the association.  Together we can create an association that is led by automotive recyclers and works for automotive recyclers.  Let’s make it a great year!


Ben Silver


CAR 2016 Annual Meeting – January 23, 2016

On Saturday, January 23, 2016 CAR held its’ Annual Meeting at the PPA Event Center in Denver.


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